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The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality

by Henry Cloud

      Character counts, especially in business.

Integrity is a how-to book on building a successful career or business using the character of integrity. Integrity is a characteristic that builds relationships of trust. Something lacking in businesses recently highlighted in the news.

Cloud tells us:

 "In this book we will look at six areas of character.... They will bring you results that you've not been able to obtain. They will solve the persistent problems that seemed to have turned into patterns over the years and appeared to have no answers. Together these character traits will enable your talents and abilities to bring you the results you know you should be getting, but sometimes haven't."


Creates and maintains trust.
Is able to see and face reality
Works in a way that brings results
Embraces negative realities and solves them.
Causes growth and increase.
Achieves transcendence and meaning in life.

Cloud believes integrity supersedes all gifts and talents.

Cloud came to define these areas when a friend asked him to talk with her twenty-year-old sons who questioned success. Not wanting to be confused with motivational speakers, he declined, but later agreed. Through this personal experience, Cloud discovered a smart and simple way to share the skills of success through the sincere characteristic of integrity.

The things he shares with his friend about finding success are:

1. Competency - master your craft
2. Alliance builder - build relationships with others who are competent in their crafts
3. Character to not screw it up - have integrity, being honest

For his examples, Cloud uses job experiences and people he would or would not recommend due to skills and characteristics. The most important point in this book is honesty. Once you lose it, it's difficult to get back.

Integrity isn't just a business tool. It's self-help of the highest quality. Cloud offers advice and provides information that can improve teachers, students, parents and their children. The list of relationships and acquaintances could go on and on.

Dr. Henry Cloud reads the audio version, which is abridged. His presentation is simple and direct. Forget the headphones on this one. In today's society, everyone needs a little reminder about integrity. Integrity is a keeper that needs to be shared.

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February 1, 2006
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