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The Jesus Papers
Exposing the Greatest Cover-up in History

by Michael Baigent

      Michael Baigent does lots of research, of that there can be no doubt. I have never read anything by this author before, so I have nothing to pose the outcome of this book against in my mind, as many others have. This book started out with a premise, and the author searches many places for answers to prove that premise. He brings up a lot of the Judaic history and goes into many of the actual places where the battles were fought and the man lived who Baigent is trying to prove the stories about. This alone is a considerable undertaking, especially since it all took place two thousand years ago and there have been many people willing to hide the truth for personal, state, or national gain. Take almost every church in the world and consider how much they would have to lose with an outcome that proves that Jesus did not actually die on that cross. It is phenomenal, to say the least. Practically every country, every nation in the world has fingers in the religious aspects that could possibly be overturned if the truth is not what they have been telling everyone from the cradle to the grave, worldwide. What would you do if you really knew that the whole body of religion was a made-up TV drama for sale to the highest bidders, or believable by the people because of tactics of oppression, cruelty, injustice, and lies, to mention a few of the smaller infractions that the mongers of religion have paraded in front of those wanting to believe that there is more to this life than what we have in our hands. That is the truth that Baigent is trying to get put on record.

However, if he were to really get totally honest with the truth that he finds or wants the world to know, he would not have a life after the first page was to be actually printed, because of the various strong factions in every religion that don't give a damn about letting a forthright person have their say in matters that concern the religious aspects that they believe in. How would you handle this if you had an inkling as to the real translation of The Jesus Papers? Would you put it all out there so that the world could just read it and weep because the truth is so devastating to the whole business of religion, or would you take the reader around on a circuitous trip and let them actually see into your mind and read between the lines to find the answer for themselves, without blasting them in the face with it?

This is a very heady subject, and one that I have only begun to skim the surface on, but I feel fairly secure in thinking that is exactly what Michael Baigent has done in the writing of The Jesus Papers. Give this book a chance on its own merits and read it with open eyes to see if you can understand what Biagent is really trying to show you.

The Book

April 2006
Hard Cover
ISBN 13 978-0-06-083713-7
ISBN 10 0-06-082713-0
Nonfiction/Religious studies
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NOTE: loosely chasing up on biblical statements and historical documents around the world on a quest to disprove the crucifixion of Christ.

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Reviewed 2006
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