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Noir Movies
Facts, Figures and Fun

by John Grant

      So what exactly is a noir movie? If you want to know, or love the genre and wish to see all of its examples, then this little book will fit the bill. For example, did you know that we are currently living in the second Golden Age of film noir? I didnít, thinking such a film had to feature gumshoes in trenchcoats and treacherous lovely "dames"...

Push the copy of Sci-Fi Movies: Facts, Figures and Fun (also reviewed on this site) aside and make room for this on your coffee table. Probably your guests arenít sure what film noir is either, so settle down for an entertaining lesson. Find out who the main directors are, the books their films are based on, discover the classic films of the genre, and then read about the difference between classic noir, neo-noir, international noir and even fantasy noir. Discover who won the coveted Edgar awards, who Edgar was, and then find out even more if you go armed with the bibliography list to your local bookstore. Of course, just as with the Sci-Fi book, the opinions expressed are all the authorís and you are sure not to agree with all of it. Hitherto, my experiences of noir films were mainly those with Bogart in them, so I was pleased to find a long list of films I hadnít heard of, let alone seen, so now I can harass my video library owner about this. I love the way these little books manage to pack in such a lot of useful information, and yet be so quick and simple to use. A grand gift for any film buff, with its low price, hardcover and sprinkling of quotations and old posters to make it attractive on many levels. I was pleased with it, and I would not normally even open a book on films, so this must be good...

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AAPPL Artistsí and Photographersí Press Ltd
15 June 2006
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Reviewed 2006
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