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No Lights, No Sirens
The Corruption and Redemption of an Inner City Cop

by Robert Cea

      No Lights, No Sirens takes a first-hand look at the experience of a New York City police officer in one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Robert Cea faces drugs and crime on the nasty streets of Brooklyn while trying to balance the needs of his partner and life outside of the police force. How far will this officer go in order to get the big arrests?

Robert Cea, since he experienced it first-hand, clearly shows what levels police officers will get to in order to "collar" the head people in the drug world. Mr. Cea is able to show the mindset of an officer when he is trying to arrest the people that he knows are behind certain crimes and the damage that it sometimes does to normal human relationships.

This reader felt that from the time Cea was a rookie cop to the present, there was no time when he was willing to do things that were against the law in order to make the big arrests. However, it was tremendously brave of him to admit where and when he went wrong in his life and career and to write about it.

The Book

Harper Torch
July 25, 2006
Mass Market Paperback
Nonfiction-True Crime
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NOTE: Soon to be major motion picture

The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2006
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