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Public Radio
Behind the Voices

by Lisa A. Phillips

      Public Radio: Behind the Voices is a unique glimpse into the lives of our favorite on-air public radio personalities. Lisa A. Phillips has pulled together portraits of voices we hear doing news and analysis, talk and entertainment, and music. We read about Susan Stamberg, Noah Adams, Bob Edwards, David Dye, Terry Gross, Michael Feldman, the Magliozzi Brothers, and many more.

These arenít straight biographies either, starting with place of birth and education, and then moving on to career highlights. That information is included if it fits Phillipsí crafting of the profile. Whatís most striking about her approach is her own fresh writing style. She puts us there in the studio with the person, seeing what we canít possibly know from our FM receivers, then takes us into their lives. Sometimes, itís having lunch with one of them or visiting their home. Phillips also puts herself into each profile instead of reporting from the outside. She makes references such as "What Cokie Roberts, sixty-two, told me is that..." instead of just stating that "according to Cokie Roberts,..." This puts an intimacy into these biographies. We see Phillips being confided in and insider stories and jokes being told that Phillips was a part of.

Public Radio: Behind the Voices offers us a very human glimpse into the careers of public radio personalities whose faces and lives are hidden behind the barrier of radio. The book also gives us a look into how Lisa Phillips collected her research. Itís a delightful read.

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May 2006
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2006
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