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Stand For Something
The Battle for America's Soul

by John Kasich
Read by John Kasich

      "Stand for Something" is Kasich’s soapbox. His street sermon is moral values, honorability and leadership. Kasich argues America’s declining values and lack of leadership as he gives examples in politics, sports, business, education, popular culture and religion. Kasich steps on toes when he shows them in a negative light, but he does make his point - teachers’ union, sports figures, rap singers, etc. He believes honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion accountability and forgiveness are missing in today’s society. Using his choice of heroes, Kasich tells listeners what he feels is important in building a strong individual, family, school, community, and country. It's true John Kasich is a former Congressman turned political commentator, but choosing not to listen to him because of his present job or political past would be a great loss. Kasich’s desire to remind us of our commitments as individuals and Americans is admirable. He’s sure to take a beating for it, but that’s what comes with standing for something. Forget the headphones. Everyone needs to hear this one.

The Book

Warner Adult
May 10, 2006
Audio CD - Abridged edition
Nonfiction / society / politics
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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