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the definitive guide to exceptional online shopping 2006 Edition

by Hillary Mendelsohn

      Do you prefer the convenience of online shopping? Or are you new to shopping with your mouse? I love finding new websites with unusual items. I discover some sites by accident; others come by word of mouth. It can be frustrating to search the Internet for products or services. Thepurplebook is a dream come true for those wanting quality sites. Author Hillary Medelsohn researched over 35,000 online websites and compiled a huge edition of the best online shops.

Thepurplebook provides online guidelines such as using one credit card for all online purchases, reading the website's policies, and reporting bad business practices. Websites for the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, and government product recalls are also listed. Thepurplebook offers 1,600 websites that pass strict requirements and provide interesting and useful products. Icons show the website's shipping rates, overnight shipping, gift certificate availability, gift-wrapping availability, and user friendliness. Thepurplebook organizes each chapter by categories such as art & collectible, lifestyles & mega stores, and women's apparel. The individual sites are listed alphabetically within the category. Mendelsohn includes a funny or helpful summary of each site's qualities. The product index helps those looking for specific items like hotels or bicycles. A bonus section includes a list of charities that accept online donations.

How many quality shops can people find on their own time? Thepurplebook is a comprehensive guide to online shopping. Readers will find everything from the superstores to the elite shops. Medelsohn's website includes additional shops that did not make this edition. I used the book over the holidays, and to my delight, I found a site that still had the sold-out Lego set my son wanted! Thepurplebook now has a permanent place beside my computer for all future shopping!

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September 1,2005
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