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Unscrambled Eggs

by Nadia Brown

      In her introduction to her short collection of poems (60 one-page poems), Unscrambled Eggs, Nadia Brown writes, "I realized that dwelling on what I thought was past disappointments would only hold my future in doubt and keep me from my purpose."

This theme is expressed in the title poem when she writes, but when will I learn/I can no more unscramble eggs/than change the past. Brown hints at a relationship that has gone sour. In "Gone" she writes, Gone are the days/of indifference/and sobering nights /with you.

"There Were No Bells" expresses her disappointment in what appears to be a romantic relationship.

Brown's disappointments with her past life are examined in these poems, but her determination to carry on is also evident. Her many past difficulties make her resolve more admirable.

The poems follow no certain pattern and can be read in any order, but a reading from front to back gives the reader a sense of progress Brown has made in adjusting to disappointments and "getting on with her life."

A nice collection of poems.

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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2006
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