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The Fire and the Rose
The Wedding of Spirituality and Sexuality

by Bud Harris, Ph.D.

      For ages people have struggled with the dichotomy of spirituality and sexuality, thinking that that the two were warring against each other. Bud Harris in The Fire and the Rose - The Wedding of Spirituality and Sexuality, explains that the separation of spirituality and sexuality prevents us from complete spirituality. Rather than being an antithesis, sexuality is an integral part of our spirituality.

Harris explains how the bad rap sexuality has received in the past changes our perception of what total spirituality should be. He suggests we stop thinking of them as opposites and bring them together.

The explanations seem to be scholarly as Harris refers to Jungian psychology, makes allusions to classical mythology, and quotes philosophers such as Plato. But then he gives examples from his own experience or from one of his case studies as well.

The section where the author explains his own discomfort with spirituality and sexuality summarizes much of what he has to say about the matter. He offers us ways to understand our process of becoming spiritual. He suggests that we journal, record dreams, understand metaphor in religion, and understand myth as a source of wisdom.

Harris touches on several aspects of spirituality, but he always comes back to the theme of combining spirituality and sexuality.

This is a book that is to be read slowly and read often.

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Chiron Publications
September 30, 2007
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