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The Intellectual Devotional
Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education, and Roam Confidently with the Cultured Class

by David S. Kidder and Noah D. Oppenheim

      Everyone has their own way of inspiring themselves to move forward through the doldrums of a boring job, a lackluster social life, or a stressful transition through life in general. Kidder and Oppenheim have created a set of daily "inspiration" tools for the intellectual person in us all. Filled with amazing facts from the worlds of history (Monday), literature (Tuesday), visual arts (Wednesday), science (Thursday), music (Friday), philosophy (Saturday), and religion (Sunday), The Intellectual Devotional gives the readers something new to refresh their minds and feed their need for knowledge.

Being a total random knowledge buff, I jumped at the chance to try this book on for size, and I have to say that itís definitely worth more than its weight in gold. Kidder and Oppenheim pull some really interesting (and in most cases not very well-known) information from all the major areas that affect us both academically and socially. I love how they integrate such different areas of knowledge into a pattern that truly connects knowledge to understanding. I strongly recommend this book for anyone whose brain is in need of a jump start in the morning or just wants to learn more about the world around them and the history it holds.

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Rodale Books
October 2006
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Carisa Weeaks
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