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The No Asshole Rule:
Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't

by Robert I. Sutton, PhD
Read by the author

      When Robert Sutton took on the subject of bullies in the work place he demanded the word "asshole" be used. He got his wish in both the Harvard Business Review and the Hachette publication of his book. Anyone who has ever experienced the type of person in charge who is unable to speak to or treat others like humans will understand Sutton’s desire to use such an insulting term to describe such a person.

Sutton goes beyond name calling when he presents proof of damage and loss bullies cause businesses. He explains the behavior of bullies, and admits he’s been there himself. He gives advice on how to avoid being a bully and names names of those in the public eye who are bullies and dramatically cost their companies.

One prominent point he makes is how a bully can cost a company loyal workers. If constantly demeaned and insulted, a worker is more prone to badmouth and/or steal from the company. Sutton mentions companies like Google that are asshole free, or, at least, work extra hard to be. What does Sutton recommend to save one’s business from a bully? GET RID OF ‘EM!

This is a book for anyone and everyone who works, period. It has the power to save you from stress and help you understand others. Most of all it will make you a better person.

Sutton narrates the audio version. An interview with him is included at the end.

The Book

Hachette Audio
February 22,2007
Audiobook (abridged CD) - 3 CDs / 3.5 hrs
ISBN10: 1594838674
ISBN13: 9781594838675
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