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One Person/Multiple Careers
A New Model For Work/Life Success

by Marci Alboher

      What some people call "multi-hyphenates," such as actor-producer-writer-director, Alboher (an author/speaker/coach) calls "slashes." She devotes the first half of her book to identifying people whose talents are geared toward multiple careers that may or may not be related. Thereís the restaurant owner/yoga instructor, attorney/filmmaker, and computer programmer/theater director. Slashes with complementary interests are included also; youíll meet a teacher/dancer/puppeteer and an author/journalist among the interview subjects.

While these early chapters define multi-taskers and describe "thinking like a modern moonlighter" (the title of chapter 3), which should already be part of our twenty-first century mindset, the final five chapters prove far more useful by actually helping someone manage the slash effect. The book provides suggestions for resumes, business cards, and websites when youíre juggling multiple careers. Specific examples of these are included in the appendix.

The author features sidebars throughout the text, uses boldface type to emphasize important ideas, and concludes each chapter with key points titled "Getting to Slash." The text is packed with descriptive interviews of people with slash careers, but is light on analysis of this trend toward multi-tasking. With very few exceptions, One Person/Multiple Careers highlights people living and working in the New York City area. While Alboherís book may be just what the big city dweller needs to make next monthís rent payment and achieve self-fulfillment, it might not prove as helpful to those people in mid-sized cities and small towns whose personal and career choices are more limited.

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Warner Business Books/Hachette Book Group U.S.A.
February, 2007
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Reviewed 2007
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