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A Perfect Mess
The Hidden Benefits of Disorder: How crammed closets, cluttered offices, and on-the-fly planning make the world a better place

by Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman
Read By David H. Freedman

      Eric Abrahamson, a professor of management at Columbia Business School, and David H. Freedman, a contributing editor for Inc. magazine, bring together their expertise in a new audio book that makes a convincing case for random, disorganized living and working environments. Creative types have understood for years, that free-form or  non-structured storming can bring about those moments of brilliance that structured thinking might not lead them to. Exploring cluttered living and working at length, the authors help the reader understand that the bias we all carry towards tidiness and organization can trap us mentally in a place that might not best serve our need to say yes to mess.

I especially liked the section on how pressure from family, friends, neighbors and business associates can drive us to be tidier than we need or want to be. There's a common feeling that cluttered homes or offices are perceived strongly by strangers viewing them for the first time as an indication that the owner is not conscientious.  Messieurs Abrahamson and Freedman new book contributes to today's culture as a provocative alternative to the thousands of messages from the media, peers, and relatives, to indicate that neat and streamlined environments maybe are not all they’re cracked up to be.

The Book

Hachette Audio
January 2007
Audio Book: Playing Time: 3 Hours
ISBN10: 1594836159
ISBN13: 978-1594836152
Non-Fiction, Business
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Mark Nash
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Mark Nash is the author of Fundamentals of Marketing for the Real Estate Professional, Starting & Succeeding in Real Estate, Reaching Out: The Financial Power of Niche Markeing, and 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home.
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