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Real World Careers
Why College Is Not the Only Path to Becoming Rich

by Betsy Cummings

      If you are trying to decide if you should go to college, then before you do anything else you must read Real World Careers: Why College Is Not the Only Path to Becoming Rich. Author Betsy Cummings gives a realistic look at career paths available to success without obtaining that elusive college degree. Cummings shows the different paths you can take to getting rich before you spend thousands of dollars on a piece of paper.

Using real life examples, Cummings provides information on how even a high school or a college dropout can take the road less traveled and become career winners. She takes a look at professions anyone can explore and get rich. The book walks you through the options step-by-step with information on how to get started to "prove your worth without a degree," which Cummings shows clearly in one of the chapters.

Having waited until later in life to attend college myself, if this book had been in my hands, I would have seriously reconsidered going. It is chock full of examples covering job markets, career options, and their locations, with Internet sites that can help you find your niche.

An inspiring and must read book it is!

The Book

Warner Business Books
January 2007
Nonfiction: Career Development
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The Reviewer

Sylvia McClain
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Sylvia McClain is the author of The Write Life: A Beginning Writer's Guide to Writing, Money Management, Publishing and Marketing, Skipping Through Life: The Reason I Am and editor of the Scribal News Calendar, a newsletter of writer events and happenings.
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