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Spirits In The Garden
The Amazing Realm of Secret Life Around Us With Remedies and Gifts of Healing Wisdom

by Joan Solomon

      Let Joan Solomon show you the living spirits in nature...the gnomes, fairies, and tiny faces within the flowers, tree bark, clouds and other places they hide in plain sight. Her lavish garden photographs are breathtaking, and when you begin to see them as Solomon does, you'll never view nature the same again. She swears that they are unretouched, and just as they presented themselves.

She also includes medicinal and cosmetic uses for the plants and even recipes for using them. There is a fabulous poppy seed dressing recipe that I tried, and a recipe for catnip mosquito spritz that I will certainly try when spring brings our hoards of Alaska mosquitos. There is a nutty sunflower seed spread recipe that sounds delectable, and a number of teas and infusions to use for various relaxing and healing purposes.

A small section of the book has reproductions of some of Joan Solomon's mixed media paintings, and she describes her own personal spiritual awakening. This is a beautiful, inspirational, visual journey through nature as we have never seen it before. This book would make a marvelous gift for someone you love, or make it a well-loved resident of your own bookshelf to browse through again and again. It, may encourage you to go into your own garden with a camera.

The Book

Grynwild Publishing
November 30, 2006
Hardcover; Artist edition
097861660X / 978-0978616601
Gardening / Spiritual
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2007
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