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The 2nd Revolution of our Founding Fathersí Noble Vision
Individual Liberty and Freedom
Reconstruct Mature Responsible Society

by Dr. Shah

      This book, The 2nd Revolution of our Founding Fatherís Noble Vision by Dr. Shah, provides an interesting perspective on what todayís society is lacking.† For individuals who are finding themselves disgusted by current societal values, this book might be considered a veritable guidebook to rebuilding our citizens into decent, productive individuals.† For those who donít see anything wrong with the way things are currently going, this book might put them in a very bad mood.† Some of the ideas presented in the book are controversial, but in fairness to the author, thereís nothing wrong with preaching the virtues of taking responsibility for oneís own actions.† With chapter titles like "Every Human Being is the Master of His Own Destiny," "Realization—The Key to Freedom From Decadent Society," and "The Importance of Individual Power," the book attempts to get people thinking and to encourage them to be their own people, not just part of a herd of misguided sheep.

The author provides lots of good information about his idea of the four pillars of society:† Family, Education System, Government / Religion, and Media.† His assertions imply that each of these four pillars has become somewhat perverted by society over the years and that people who have been pushing their own personal agendas have cheapened the value of each.† As stated in Chapter Five, "Today 'freedom of the press' is misused to drive their own agenda and undermine the National Security, individual freedom and political impartiality."

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The premise is good, but the delivery comes across more like a less spiritual, more Republicanized version of James Redfieldís Celestine Prophecy.† The book is a worthwhile read for the person who is looking for good material to debate current social issues.† Itís great food-for-thought for the person who enjoys politics or anthropology, but perhaps too deep and possibly disturbing for anyone else.

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March 13, 2008
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Rebecca Benston
Reviewed 2008
NOTE: Reviewer Rebecca Benston is the author of In the Wash: The Rona Shively Stories, Under Lock and Key: The Rona Shively Stories (just released in 2007) and Amazon Short "Hearts and Flowers."
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