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Adults Only:
For Those who Love Their Country More Than Their Party

by Sid Dinerstein

      Think three-legged stool and you have the book by Sid Dinerstein, Adults Only: For Those who Love Their Country More Than Their Party. What the legs represent defines, as Dinerstein puts it, "a dose of reality we hate to face." What does all this mean? Are you ready? It means three amendments to our way of living we must enforce. The first one, term limits; number two, a balanced budget; and the last one, English as our official language. And as the title of the book says, it's for Adults Only, because our children didn't make the mess, they are just going to inherit it. 

Here is the scoop on the book by Dinerstein. Don't be offended by the idea that you shouldn't love your party when it comes to politics. Dinerstein wants you to understand your party should also love you, the citizenry of this country. His point is, those in Washington, D.C. should not be there for career advancement, but to serve you, the citizens of this country. I was impressed by a formula he came up with: Unlimited Spending + Infinite Lobbyists = 40 years in Washington. It sounds very close to what I would call the truth, in other words, reality. 

What he suggests about this quagmire is that we must understand that fixing the mess is up to us. To demand a pledge from each congressman - and the president by the way - to set term limits, balance the country's budget, and make English the official language. These three components Dinerstein believes are what it takes to put this country back on the right track and eliminate public health issues and those involving insurance, Social Security / Medicare entitlement, voting patterns, family breakdowns, educational lack, rampant crime, immigration / terrorism disasters, energy losses, and farm policies that have this country in a pit of fire, about to be burned out. 

Do I agree with Dinerstein? Yes and No. I don't think that it is really that simple, but it is a start. It's called getting involved on the high end of the scale and not the low one. To stop being passive and become more a country of activists. The country was started with them (you) and should be run with them (you) in control. One blessing Dinerstein provided was a complete write-up of the Declaration of Independence, all 27 amendments of the Bill of Rights, and the seven Articles of the Constitution, The Preamble included. Now if you've forgotten what they say, he has given you the reader the opportunity to review them and put them into practice again. If for no other reason, buy this book and read those parts again, and you might just say Dinerstein has a point in Adults Only. It's a simple and easy read.

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December 15, 2007
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