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Adults Only
For Those Who Love Their Country More Than Their Party

by Sid Dinerstein

      Author Sid Dinerstein delivers his "what's wrong with America" tell all in a pointed narrative, Adults Only. This is Sid's first book and although he claims he is not a writer, he is a public speaker and his voice comes across loud and clear, as does his message.

Focusing on fixable problems, he insists that if government electorates would sign a pledge denoted by three vows, the country could get back on track. Their new pledge would include the following amendments: Term Limits, A Balanced Budget, and English as our Official Language.

Dinerstein says, "We all came from somewhere else" and notes our ancestors were seeking American offerings, one of which was English opportunity. Immigration needs to be controlled. "Democracy is not a spectator sport". These are some of Dinerstein's premises.

This short book was entertaining and naturally hit on the most pressing issues today: healthcare, education, terrorism, war, and immigration, etc. It was not something I hadn't heard or read before, although some of his ideas for reform were bona fide. If you want to read about America's problems and need someone to agree with you, then Adults Only is the book for you (He included many endorsements in the back of the book).

The conclusion, including The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence was most interesting. I actually enjoyed reading these documents again. I hadn't read them since high school. I think Dinerstein included them for that very reason, to encourage Americans to renew their interest in the building blocks of our nation and to use them. While the book didn't bring anything new to the table, reading it did reaffirm my own questions about government in this election year.

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Stargroup International
December 15, 2007
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