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Bird of a Different Feather & For a Decent Living
ASL Literature Series. Student Workbook and DVD / Teacher's Set DVD

by Sam Supalla & Ben Bahan

      Bird of a Different Feather is about an eagle family with 3 normal eaglets and one with a different beak. The story goes through the normal reactions and actions of a family with an unexpected deaf child. I sat through this story with 2 young deaf people; immediately they recognized the comparison of the eaglet's straight beak with being deaf - from the parents blaming themselves, to looking for a cure, going away to a special school, vocational training, becming independent, etc. The teacher's plan breaks down the story and offers plans for each section. The student version shows the signs and requests answers to the DVD. It's a good way to analyze what they've seen.

For a Decent Living is the story of a boy raised on a farm with hearing parents who refuse to learn sign. Chapter 2 is moving to the city and peddling controversy. Chapter 3 is visiting the Deaf Club and dealing with rejection. Chapter 4 is getting a job, which covers deaf people and employment. Chapter 5 is about an accident and how most hearing people view deaf (Audism). Chapter 6 is the second life where the boy finds himself in an unexpected place and finally finds his way back to the factory.

There is a teacher and student edition. Both include dvds, and the stories delivered in sign which are clearly conveyed. Not all signs were recognizable to me or the two Deaf watching with me, but the signers were so visual and expressive that the story wasn't lost. Personally speaking, this is one lesson book that needs to find its way into the mainstream schools, along with sign language classes. I believe it could help students understand the deaf culture and dispel the old fashioned thoughts associated with deaf.

The Book

Dawn Sign Press
Paperback / Teacher Guide / Student Workbook/ both w/ DVD
Student: 158121054X
Teacher: 1581210523
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2008
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