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Coming Clean

by Rodney Carrington with Bret Witter

      This book is really funny. I loved every chapter in it. I can relate to almost every story, whether because of my southern roots, my southern experiences, or just my southern sense of humor. The chapters are punchy. It’s a great bathroom reader for a holiday stocking stuffer. That doesn’t mean it’s not nice enough for the coffee table, but you may not want your preacher to pick it up on his Sunday evening visit, unless of course he’s a southern redneck evangelist.

Carrington’s quick wit and honesty are refreshing. His humor is "down-home" and gave me out loud laughs that are hard to find in humorous material. And as a woman I was not offended by his continual underlying, or not, "Boob" (and I don’t mean on the tube) theme throughout the book. He likes ‘em and he makes no bones about it. I’ll leave that one alone.

The chapter entitled "Golf" is so short I want to quote it here. "Sorry about the short chapter. I was supposed to be working today, but I went out to play golf instead. I went to a new course, which is always exciting. On the third tee, I hit the ball way off to the right. I asked the guy I was playing with if that was a good place to be. He said, "It is if you need to take a ****." And I had to, so it worked out. I played the rest of the round with no socks."

Rodney Carrington’s humor is a little like Jeff Foxworthy’s, only without the red neck. If you were a fan of the network comedy Rodney on ABC and have his CD collection you’ll get a kick out of his first book. Texans will love it.

The Book

Center Street / Hachette Book Group USA
September 12, 2007
ARC / Hardcover
Non-fiction / Humor
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