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The Da Vinci Dog
The Passion, Paintings, and Slobber of Brinks the Dog

by Paul Amelchenko

      You can never fully appreciate your own dog's artistic ability until you read about Brinks Amelchenko. Brinks is a four-year old yellow Labrador retriever who discovered how to use and develop his unique ability to create great works of art on panes of glass. He practices every day on his owner's French doors, mostly in the mornings, but sometimes in the evenings. The world around him is his inspiration.

His epic work: "Squirrels, someday I'll get you," began as a series of individual works detailed by uncontrolled excitement. Brinks has advanced to mixed media...toilet paper rolls, a cell phone, and even some sculpture as displayed on the backyard fence. As pay for these masterworks, Brinks gladly accepts cookies and belly-rubs.

Paul Amelchenko has brilliantly portrayed the things we love about dogs in this tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted look at the messes dogs make that cause us to smile fondly when it is our own pet. His love for his dog shines on every page, both in the prose and the creative photography.

Consider The Da Vinci Dog as a special gift for the dog lover in your family, and as an added incentive, Paul is donating a portion of the profits of this book to animal rescue charities. I thoroughly enjoyed this cheerful little book.

The Book

Willow Creek Press
September 24, 2007
1-595-43631-6 / 978-1-595-43631-3
Nonfiction / Humor
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2008
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