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Death of a Dream
48 Hours Mystery

by Paul LaRosa and Erin Moriarty

      From the CBS show 48 Hours Mystery comes the true story of the life, death and dreams of Catherine Woods. Written by CBS producer Paul LaRosa and CBS correspondent Erin Moriarty, Death of a Dream brings us the story of a young girl who left Ohio to pursue her dreams of dancing on Broadway in New York City.

Catherine arrived in New York in 2002 with the same hope as many young dancers, to make it big in the "Big Apple." Even though she met with obstacles along the way and may have had to change her path to those dreams she was determined and never gave up hope she'd make it. She continued to take classes and audition but resorted to financing her new life by working in the adult entertainment world. When Catherine was savagely murdered on November 27, 2005 and a boyfriend arrested and another boyfriend possibly suspected, the news broke tabloid style. It seized the stripper-love triangle theory and wouldn't let go.

Co-author Erin Moriarty hails from the same Ohio town as Catherine and was able to convince Catherine's parents, Jon and Donna Woods, to share the story of their daughter. 48 Hours Mystery ran the hour long show giving the background of this true crime story but couldn't give the comprehensive look at the case that this book can. I think that Paul LaRosa and Erin Moriarty did Catherine and her family justice in writing this book. They take us past the gossip into the reality. It is a balanced, unbiased look at the events and the court system and the people involved. We are able to see Catherine for the talented beauty that she was. Her dream didn't die until her life was taken.

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Pocket Star Books
March 25, 2008
1416546618 / 978-1416546610
True crime
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