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Declaring Independence:
The Beginning of the End of the Two Party System

by Douglas E Schoen

      Douglas E Schoen is a political consultant who has worked with outstanding candidates, among them Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg. He questions whether the American people are ready for a third party president. He states that American politics are "dangerously mired in a dysfunctional two-party system." He feels that there is a large scale trend which opens the door for a third party candidate - that the next election will be decided by 35-45% of the electorate who are fed up with the "politicians of the extreme wings of either party." Third party candidates would have an important role in shaping the political agenda, invigorating debates between the major parties.

Schoen gives a general background of the third party movements that have occurred in our history, for example Ross Perot (1992), George Wallace (1965), and Ralph Nader (2004), then discusses the problems a third party gives the two major parties. For example, the role Ralph Nader played in the result of the Bush / Gore election.

This is an in-depth book on the political system today. It is a timely analysis, informative and provocative. Well worth a thinking voterís perusal. You may not agree with his point of view, but you can certainly think about it.

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Random House
February 2008
Nonfiction / Politics
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2008
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