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Defiant Dads
Fathers’ Rights Activists in America

by Jocelyn Elise Crowley

      For fathers who struggle with the child support and custody laws of this country, and those interested in this topic, Jocelyn Elise Crowley has written an informative and sympathetic book, especially helpful for divorced fathers who think they have to face the burden alone.

While the book provides a history of this movement, the most helpful parts are the chapters on group meetings and other occasions where information is given on how to deal with the situation.  Any father finding that he isn’t alone in this battle must be encouraged.

Even while offering helpful information, the author and others see little chance of the fathers attaining their biggest goal: lowering their child support payments and obtaining automatic joint custody of their children.  Most cases are settled in favor of the mothers, presumably for the welfare of the children, which many men say is not the case.

Even with this prediction, fathers need to read this book.  Not only do they have the support of other fathers in the same situation, the book also offers information on dealing with the mother and the children.  This is a timely book on a phenomenon that makes for unhealthy relationships in our society.

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Cornell University Press
November 2008
0801446902 / 978-0801446900
Nonfiction / Miscellaneous
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Reviewed 2008
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