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The Dominium Sequencing antimatter and gravity effects:
Big Bang to Black Hole; and implications for a manmade near-future doomsday: End of all life on Earth

by Hasanuddin

      Are we all doomed to die? Probabilities say yes. Is the earth doomed to die? Maybe... maybe not. In The Dominium, we are described like the Whos in Horton Hears a Who, with one small exception: we know there is more out there. We know that the Universe exists. We also know that the earth is in danger of extinction. And we have scientific evidence to prove it. Do we have a Horton to save us? Or it is up to us to save ourselves?

Starting with the Big Bang, The Dominium predicts the existence of black holes, outlining a scientific model based on antimatter and gravity relationships and how left to persist will eventually swallow up the earth. Hasanuddin, not his real name, is a science teacher with a calling to shout out his prediction to the world like a modern day Nostradamus in his book, The Dominium. He says that his book is being registered in the ISBN as science fiction but it is indeed real. And the path the earth is headed down is also real.

It became clear to the CERN, NASA, and MIT trained author that he must write a letter dealing with the theories he questioned after listening to an MIT professor give a lecture on material he did not himself understand. The letter became longer and longer until it became what it is today, a book. But, he did not put his own name to it. He wrote it under a pseudonym for fear of being called a crackpot. Read his hypothesis with an open mind and formulate your own theories based on the author's explanations and revelations. Are we headed to the end of the world as we know it? The author states that unless we stop CERN we are doomed to the creation of this synthetic black hole and the earth's end, but not the end of the universe. So is re-creation possible? According to him Einstein made a mistake: forgivable, because dark matter had not yet been discovered.

The book was entertaining and somewhat informative, although it was laced with an underlying fear factor and undertones of urgency, but the information was well presented and credible in my limited scientific knowledge. But, who am I to question? I am simply a tiny Who on a dust speck on an elephant's trunk.

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January 2008
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