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Fabulous Fun with Puzzles
Using Words, Numbers, Paper, Coins, & Matches

by Joseph Leeming

      We're fond of puzzles in my family, and my nine-year-old was delighted to see this book show up. She loved the hands-on match stick puzzles and the clever word puzzles. And I loved the pencil and paper puzzles and brain twisters. And we both moaned over the groaners whose answers depend upon puns. Really, there's something for every puzzle lover in this collection of over 400 puzzles. With research showing that working puzzles helps our mental acuity and memory as we age, I figure this book is a great hedge against time. One thing to be aware of—this is not an activity book and you won't want to write in it. You'll need paper and pencil for many of the puzzles, along with coins, toothpicks and other items for others. It definitely led to some fun family figuring at our house.

The Book

Time Inc Home Entertainment
October 2008
Trade Paperback
1603200347 / 978-1603200349
Nonfiction / Miscellaneous
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2008
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