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Final Analysis:
The Untold Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case

by Catherine Crier with Cole Thompson

      At the age of fifteen Susan Bolling was ordered by school officials to see a psychologist. The therapist was Frank "Felix" Polk, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specialized in the treatment of adolescents and their families. Felix was more than twice Susan's age and his unorthodox treatment of Susan included drugging her to the point she did not remember her sessions with him (and very possibly sexually abusing her during her drugged state) and having her sit on his lap during her sessions.

At some point in time Susan began to reciprocate Felix's feelings and the relationship became consensual. They married in December of 1981. The relationship was dysfunctional and several times the police were called due to domestic disputes. On October 13, 2002 Felix was found murdered having been stabbed twenty-seven times. Susan maintained her innocence in Felix's murder even though all evidence pointed to her.

After dismissing four different attorneys, Susan Polk represented herself during her trial. After a thirteen week trial Susan Polk was found guilty of second-degree murder (shock, shock).

Final Analysis is a true crime story involving two very disturbed individuals (both Susan and Felix). I found Susan Polk to be a very irritating person and was stunned to read of all of her courtroom antics and the fact that she was allowed to manipulate the court in the manner she was. The story seemed a little too drawn out to me with too many things repeated over and over again. But overall Final Analysis was well researched and detailed in the facts of this case.

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February 26, 2008
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