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The Fruits of Inclusion
A Smart Business Guide to Creating a Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Program

by Dr. Linda Burrs

      The Fruit of Inclusion is not just a business manual. It goes beyond explaining why you should hire a certain quota of minority workers. This is a step-by-step work book to guide you through the creation and implementation of a working plan of diversity and inclusion.

This is more than hiring a few minorities. It means including them in the decision-making process. Where different cultures meet, there will be differences. How can your company blend these different cultures together to make a new, stronger business?

Human nature is resistant to change. Inclusion will require major changes in thinking, attitudes and operating procedures. The ideas presented here are, of necessity, generalized. Each business is unique. How can you use the cultural difference of an Italian or Arab to enhance your bottom line?

The more diverse your work force is, the more people you can reach. Unfortunately it also makes it harder to blend those diverse parts into a unique and cohesive whole. Your people must do more than just tolerate the difference. They, and you as a company leader, need to understand those differences. Attitudes must change and that means everyone from the CEO on down. Those who will not change must not be allowed to sabotage the program.

Of course, this program will not be created and functioning overnight. The book divides the process unto four phases. It includes pages for notes and for creating the plan. It also allows for fine tuning. Some elements may not work and must be changed or replaced. It may take as long as five years for a large company to fully implement a plan of diversity and inclusion and it must be a sustainable plan, able to withstand the passing years.  As time goes by, your plan may need even more alterations as the world changes. Don't be afraid of these changes. Read The Fruits of Inclusion and learn how to thrive in a global economy.

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Second Generation Diversity Training
March 1, 2008
0615154263 / 978-0615154268
Nonfiction / Business
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