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Genuine Men
Journeys in Stories and Stills

by Nancy Bruno

      The title says it all - journey through the stories and still photographs of genuine men. But if that was all there was to it, the book would be one of those coffee table - never to be picked up and read - commonplaces. The author and photographer, Nancy Bruno, begins her study with a question. At forty-eight, she wonders what defines a genuine man in the world today. Fifty or forty or even twenty years ago, the answer would be simple and forthright. Not so simple today, she discovers. If we, as men, live our lives by example, where are the examples put forth for us to live our lives by?

She found them, and the examples she puts forth for us range in age from about thirteen to ninety-one years of age. Though the dustcover touts the men as "ordinary," we soon discover from reading their stories that there is something quite unique about each one. Some are models of what our fathers and grandfathers called "genuine." But others aren't. They've been kicked by the world, pushed aside, left to raise their children alone, recovering, but none have been defeated, none have found excuses for lacking responsibility. In fact, each one steps up to the plate, not as our heroes of mid-century baseball might have, but each one steps forward to claim his responsibility without question.

There is a new definition for what a man ought to be in this postmodern kind of culture and, as Nancy Bruno shares with us, it has to do with defining success in other than material ways, in grabbing hold of responsibility with a passion, in finding no excuse for failure. It has something to do with character.

This is still a coffee table book, and it will sit on my coffee table... but only until the right seventeen year old boy comes along who needs to find the example by which to pattern his life.

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Bridgeway Books
May 15, 2008
Non-fiction / Misc / Inspirational photography
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