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The Great Field
Soul at Play in the Conscious Universe

by John James

      In The Great Field, John James has written a book which, by his own estimation, will be difficult to read and may require additional readings.

James asserts that the thing which we call empty space is filled with energy fields. These fields affect us and in turn everyone and everything affect all other things and even have something to do with our souls. While the concepts may seem unrealistic, James cites authors and experiments to substantiate his ideas on the Great Field. People who are familiar with the movie What the Bleep Do We Know will notice the similarity in the ideas expressed.

James, who is a therapist, and his partners use the information about the concept of the Great Field to counsel their patients. In the opening of his book, James had this to say about the concept of the Great Field: "It is capable of forming a conceptual basis for a unified cosmology that would help to clarify all the conflicts and give meaning to the conflicts that so damage our species."

This is an intriguing read which is so far from traditional scientific thought that it makes the reader sigh, "Boy, if this is true."

The Book

Elite Books
November 15, 2007
Non Fiction / Psychology
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2008
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