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The Great Field
Soul at Play in a Conscious Universe

by John James, PhD

      A few years ago medical researchers made an amazing discovery — chicken soup helps to ease symptoms of the common cold. Yes, all those generations of moms really did know what they were talking about. Just as that discovery was validation of maternal wisdom, The Great Field presents a slew of validation for ancient healing traditions which have been sneered at for at least the past 100 years. According to author John Jamesís interpretation of discoveries in quantum physics, the ancient belief in chi, or life-force energy, has found support in the scientific community.

As Dirk Gently used to say, "all things are fundamentally interconnected." Matter and energy are interchangeable, and everything in the universe is constantly sharing bits of energy with everything else. This relationship is the foundation of the Field, which James defines as "...the super stratum of all creation, the all-pervasive, all-inclusive essence from which all is created and within which all exists."

Sounds a little Star Wars-ish, doesnít it? If itís all too woo-woo for you and you need to hear it from a serious scientific mind in order to believe, the first half of The Great Field is jam-packed with hardcore information, ranging from DNA and epigenetics to Bohm and Bell, from biology to brain architecture. Itís a quick history of quantum physics research that sets the stage for part two, in which we encounter chakras, souls, and acupuncture healing.

The Field is ancient wisdom to some and revolutionary scientific discovery to others. Either way, it tells us that our lives and our health are more in our control than we may have believed. It is also a comforting reminder that we are, indeed, fundamentally interconnected with all other beings.

John James is a transpersonal psychotherapist who uses the concept of Field in his work with clients. From personal experience as well as the tremendous amount of research heís done in the area of quantum physics, he has drawn these conclusions:

  • Our thoughts affect matter
  • The soul is our personal aspect of the Field
  • Those Ďaha!í moments of enlightenment result from direct encounters with the Field

If you want to check the science for yourself, James provides abundant references and footnotes for further study. The Great Field is an eye-opening exploration of human potential that begins with science and ends with soul. In between youíll find an amazing and heartening world of possibilities.

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Elite Books
November 2007
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Deborah Adams
Reviewed 2008
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