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Horse Health Care + First Aid
Storey’s Barn Guide

by Robin Catalano with Lee Delaney, DVM

      Part of Storey's Barn Guide series, here's the perfect combination of invaluable information and a convenient, accessible format. Page after page of clear, simple drawings guide horse owners through every health situation they are likely to encounter, both routine and critical. For example, the section on how to check a horse’s overall condition includes instruction on taking a horse’s temperature, checking its pulse, and measuring its respiration.

This comprehensive book also addresses basic dental and hoof care, preventive procedures, emergency first aid care, lameness and wound treatment. From estimating age by a horse’s teeth to removing porcupine quills, this sturdy guide has the answers you need to gain an understanding of equine healthcare procedures.

The Book

Storey Publishing
January 2007
Non-fiction / Horse care
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The Reviewer

Bob Walch
Reviewed 2008
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