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It's Our Ship
The No-Nonsense Guide to Leadership

by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff
read by the author

      "The past is gaining on me and shedding a new light on the present."

Captain D. Michael Abrashoff, author of It's Your Ship, is back with even more sage advice on being a successful leader. Abrashoff is on the lecture circuit these days, speaking to and learning from business leaders. He uses comparisons and stories to show how important it is be an "active" leader. He reflects on some of the advice given to him from well-known CEOs about getting workers to believe in you as a leader. This is repeated more for our benefit than his, because as we know from his first book, The Captain knows how to get his men and women to trust him and follow him to the top. Abrashoff does admit that in speaking with these leaders while on the lecture circuit it has made him look back and see his mistakes with the USS Benfold. He writes how his vision was narrowed to one ship when he should have been focusing on USS Benfold's part in an entire fleet. He repeats some of the situations that made the USS Benfold a memorable experience, as well as advising us on how to make our leadership and / or business a success. He openly admits his former message "it's your ship" should have been, and is now, "it's our ship." Abrashoff is unashamedly honest, which is so refreshing.

The audio version is read by the author, which is something I think is important in a non-fiction, self-help audio. Who better to express his or her convictions than the author? Highly recommended!

The Book

Hachette Audio
May 12, 2008
Abridged Audio book 3 CDs / 3 HRs and 17 min
1600241573 / 978-1600241574
Nonfiction / Business
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Reviewed 2008
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