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Living Day To Day With Severe Osteoporosis
What Every Person Should Know Regardless of Age

by Alice V. Roberts

      Living Day To Day With Severe Osteoporosis is Alice Roberts' true story of her experience living with severe osteoporosis. She was first diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 35. She explains in-depth what osteoporosis is, how it is acquired, and how it affects day-to-day life. Living Day To Day With Severe Osteoporosis gives the reader a much broader knowledge of this disease, how it affects people, some early warning signs, and preventative measures one can take to slow down the progress of the disease. Complete with illustrations, Living Day To Day With Severe Osteoporosis is a book that will take you inside the world of one suffering from a chronic illness and give the reader more understanding of what that's like and the challenges the handicapped must face on a daily basis.

Osteoporosis is a disease of loss of bone mass and deterioration of the bone tissue (a loss of calcium to the bone). As bones become weaker with age, the risk of osteoporosis becomes greater. No longer just a "woman's disease", today it is known that osteoporosis also affects men. Early detection is vital in slowing down the progress of osteoporosis. Once bone is lost, it cannot be completely restored. With proper treatment you can slow down this "silent disease".

Alice V. Roberts discusses the warning signs, educates us about osteoporosis, and brings awareness of this debilitating disease to us. She is open and honest with the restrictions this disease placed on her life and how that has affected her. She is a true inspiration to any and all who suffer from chronic disease.

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August 27, 2007
Trade Paperback
Non-fiction / Health
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