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Monster of Florence

by Douglas Preston
Read by Dennis Boutsikaris

      Shortly after moving his family to Florence to live out a long-time dream of living in Italy, Douglas Preston discovers that a series of grisly murders had been committed very near their charming 14th century farmhouse. Preston joins forces with investigative journalist Mario Spezi to try to crack the case and discover the true identity of the Monster of Florence.

During their investigation, Preston and Spezi uncover conflicting evidence and sloppy police work, angering the local police and ultimately becoming targets themselves. Their search nearly ends in disaster with Spetzi imprisoned and accused of being the Monster himself and Preston fleeing to the safety of American soil and trying to get his friend freed from afar.

Much like one of Preston's popular thrillers, The Monster of Florence tells a tale of murder, mutilation, satanic worship, inept police work and false accusations towards these two investigators. Preston goes into great detail, relaying background information on the murders and various suspects. And he chills the reader with the interview of the man he and Spezi believe to be the killer.

Dennis Boutsikaris does a terrific job reading the American portions of Monster and a fair job with the Italian accents. The Italian characters all sound rather the same and it's sometimes hard to distinguish between them. If you like true crime, you will love The Monster of Florence.

The Book

Hachette Audio
June 10, 2008
Audio CD
160024209X / 978-1600242090
True Crime
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Bunny Reiss
Reviewed 2008
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