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The Moon Boat & Other Poems

by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

      On the gentle flowing waters the moon boat sets sail, the words it brings with it get caught in the wind, and from there its meaning is carried away to listenerís sweet, gentle ears . . .

The many talents of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki never cease to amaze me.†This talented woman has outdone herself once again in her creation of a poetic masterpiece she entitled The Moon Boat & Other Poems.†Each one of these heartfelt poems provides the reader with an opportunity to be swept away in a magical moon boat to a far-off land.

This collection is one you will always treasure and pass down to future generations.†Each one of the forty-nine poems has such rich inner meaning that you catch yourself wondering what the author was experiencing as she wrote it.† The lyrical tones will stay in your mind days after you read them.

Of all the poems three in particular really reached down and grabbed hold of my heart. They included:†"The Ballad of the Sun and the Moon," "Listen to the Wind," and "Lament."† These three display a strong undertone of fierce independence.†Each one made me stop and reflect on my own life.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki is a name that spells greatness.†No matter what avenue this talented author pursues the reader is in for a very memorable experience. Youíll feel as passionate as I do about her work. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Datura Press
Sept 2008
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The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2008
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