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The Mr. And Mrs. Happy Handbook:
Everything I Know About Love and Marriage (with corrections by Mrs. Doocy)

by Steve Doocy

      Itís cute, itís sweet, and itís genuinely funny. You will recognize Steve Doocy as the zany Broadcaster from Fox and Friends morning show. His writing style is indicative of his personality on the Fox news show. Although he is supposed to be halfway serious on that show too, I kept thinking the entire time I was reading this book, "is he for real?"

In Mr. And Mrs. Happy, Doocy gives lessons on married life with self-incriminating interjections on reality-married life that most men would rather not admit to. I realized after reading The Mr. And Mrs. Happy Handbook, that I am a happily married woman if this is the guideline for happiness. The real story is that Steve is writing to men on how to stay out of the doghouse most of the time. Even so, Mr. And Mrs. Happy is based on real life situations that we can all laugh at.

I found it fun, but Steveís personality came through so strongly that it kept me from taking most of it seriously. The reader should read the book in its entirety to get the full benefit of Steveís lessons as there are some heart-warming letters at the end of the book. I would recommend it as a newlywed gift item for first-time husbands.

The Book

William Morrow
October 17, 2006
0060854057 / 978-0060854058
Non-fiction / Humor
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2008
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