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Never Better
All Things Considered

by Sally A. Connolly

      Never Better is Sally A. Connollyís follow-up book to A Boy From Lawrence, which was also reviewed on While the previous book consisted mostly of her husbandís writings, however, Never Better contains Ms. Connollyís own ideas and observations

Connolly used her writing to renew her life after the death of her husband of thirty-seven years. Other than a few essays such as "Itís June in January," a letter to her deceased husband, Connolly deals with the cares and joys of today - not yesterday.

The book consists of several well-crafted essays (I think she used them for columns for a local newspaper) that deal with family, friends and even strangers who are in need of a little help. The essays are short (usually 2-3 pages) and deal with topics that will appeal to the average reader.

Since I recently took up line dancing, I found her essay "Shall We Dance" informative and entertaining. Even though she didnít explicitly say it, one gets the impression that Connollyís advice to us would be: "I Hope You Dance."

Near the end of the book, the author explores more worldly topics such as the responsibility of schools toward students when they are away from their parents, and the sale of unsafe toys.

This is an easy and pleasant book to read, and the essays need not be read in any particular order, but the whole effect of the book seems to be the liberation of a soul from the pangs and sorrows of losing a loving spouse.

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Sally A. Connolly
December 28, 2007
Non Fiction - Essays
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