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Our Dumb World
The Onion's Atlas of The Planet Earth, 73rd Edition

by The Onion
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      Those familiar with the tongue in cheek humor of The Onion will enjoy this abridged atlas of the world, uniquely presented in audio form. Touted as "The world’s leading humor publication" the atlas follows The Onion’s satirical and not quite politically correct format for a world tour country-by-country. Fortunately, the audio version is abridged, so not all countries are covered.

The book makes no effort at political correctness, and those easily offended should avoid it. Presented solely for entertainment, Our Dumb World provides an interesting take on the geography, politics and peoples of selected countries around the world. Historic timelines provide a unique perspective on the country's past events and sometimes even predict future events (don’t place any wagers on the predictions though). Those unfamiliar with The Onion might want to take a look at their web site or podcasts before deciding on this audio atlas.

The Book

Hachette Audio
October 30, 2007
Audio CD / 3 CDs, 210 Total minutes
1600240445 / 978-1600240447
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Ken Reiss
Reviewed 2008
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