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Prepared To Answer
A Step-by-Step Guide to Bring the Power of Christian Evidences to Your Life

by Ron van de Weghe

      Prepared To Answer:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Bring the Power of Christian Evidences to Your Life is a well-written, informative book.  It contains a comprehensive study of science and history to back up Biblical beliefs that Christians hold.  Most Church-going Christians lack knowledge of the proofs for their belief and their faith.  If you feel you are one of these Christians "not prepared" to answer, then Ron van de Weghe's book is a comprehensive study you can't be without.  Christianity is based on facts.  Investigate the facts and be a seeker of the truth. Prepared to Answer will help the reader to make an even more informed and committed decision about his or her faith in God. The information contained in this book comes from hundreds of sources, is thorough and a must have for serious students of apologetics or any Christian interested in answering others about their faith.

The five main questions that form the foundation of this book are:  Does God Exist?;  Is the Bible True?;  Is Jesus God's Son?;  Is The Bible Inspired by God?;  and What do Others Believe?.  Each of these questions is addressed in one complete section of the book.  To be prepared to answer anyone who questions your faith (or even to increase your own faith in God) this book.

The Book

Classic Day Publishing / Windmill Ministries
December 12, 2007
Trade Paperback
978-1-59849-048-0 / 1-59849-048-6
Non-fiction / Religion
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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