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The Revolution
A Manifesto

by Ron Paul
Read by Bob Craig

      The Revolution by Ron Paul may be an eye-opening experience for many, but it's an audio book well worth listening to. Ron Paul is "the" voice of reason, sanity and common sense. Read by Bob Craig, this audio book tells it like it is.

"Change" simply means more of the same; higher taxes, more government. Real change would involve actually following our Constitution, the Constitution our founding fathers set up. Politicians from both parties promise more and more free goods from the government as we march toward oblivion, not a word being mentioned about returning our nation to living within our budget, to return our country to fiscal sanity. So....nothing changes.

The lack of intelligence and common sense in our government today would be a huge embarrassment to our founding fathers. Our media would rather focus on a $400.00 haircut than any matters of substance (not that our politicians of today discuss many issues of substance). We have troops in 130 is that really necessary?

Should we give up the first amendment because the times have changed? Our government’s foreign policy has placed our country in danger. Our actions provoke a response. Other countries will indeed seek action against us...our actions cause reactions. And we continue to intervene around the world. No, this does not mean we deserved the attack of 9/11....but when we mess in affairs around the world (that are not our own) we place our own country at risk. This is it really worth it?

The Book

Grand Central Publishing / Hachette Audio
April 30, 2008
Unabridged Audio / 5 CDs / 5.5 hours
1-60024-355-X / 978-1-60024-355-4
Non-fiction / Philosophy / Political
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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