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Rich Dadís Advisors
Box Set Volume 1

by Blair Singer and Garrett Sutton, Esq.
Read by Jim Ward, Robert T. Kiyosaki, and Bill Ratner

      Rich Dadís Advisors: Box Set, Volume 1 provides meaty, practical advice to start and run a successful business within three strong titles: The ABCís of Building a Business Team that Wins, by Blair Singer; Own Your Own Corporation by Garrett Sutton, Esq.; and SalesDogs, by Blair Singer. Listeners will discover the best way to start a business, build a winning team, and increase sales.

Whatís the best way to achieve success? Poor Dad says to work hard at your company and climb the corporate ladder; Rich Dad says become an entrepreneur and own the ladder. Listeners will learn the pros and cons of corporation structures. Rich Dad knows the legal strategies to run a business and protect his assets. Certain corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships can protect your family assets from creditors. If the idea of general or sole proprietorship sounds like less paperwork - and the better way to incorporate your business - you need this series to explain why general and sole proprietorship are the least desirable structures.

Are you excited about your new business? One sobering statistic is 90% of all new businesses fail in the first five years. Most people fail because they lack both money and business skills. Gain the skills and create the money. Choose enthusiastic team players, whether they are your partners, employees or board of directors. Successful organizations share one crucial mindset: the code of honor, which guides them in times of crisis. Your business will succeed if players want to protect the teamís goals rather than their emotional needs.

Your winning team needs to interact with others and sell your product or service. Do you imagine sales people as ruthless or underhanded? You need to overcome your negative view, or it will seep into your job performance. A good salesperson makes money for your company. Salespeople actually hold the most important skill in business, the same skill as leaders: communication. Think of the great leadership of Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, and JF Kennedy. Great communicators are passionate about others. They want to provide services to meet othersí dreams and desires. Does this description sound like a salesperson? If it doesnít, then review this series to understand and increase your sales.

Rich Dadís Advisorís Box Set 1 combines important business information with personal stories, case examples, tips and team checklists. After listening to this set, I filled a notebook of pertinent business advice. The narrators all share a smooth tone: easy to listen to and to absorb the information. I enjoyed listening to Blair Singer and Jim Ward, as they interjected a conversational tone. New and experienced business owners will discover invaluable direction. Recommended.

The Book

Hachette Audio
December 2007
Unabridged Audiobook 9 CDs / 9 hrs
1-60024-119-0 / 978-1-60024-119-2
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