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The Rolling Stone Interviews

Edited and with an Introduction by Jann Wenner

      On August 14th, 1968, Jann Wenner went backstage after a concert and interviewed Pete Townsend. So began one of the most famous magazines of all times, The Rolling Stone.

The Rolling Stone was the first magazine of its kind to write not just about Rock and Roll music and musicians but also about the culture and politics that developed and surrounded the music.

The reporters were dedicated to what they did. Their research was deep and interviews not only lasted hours but sometimes days. They gave the artists an opportunity to say not only what they were thinking but to explain how they were trying to communicate with their audiences.

Sometimes, these interviews became so involved they were turned into books, like the Jerry Garcia interviews and Bob Dylan's multiple pieces.

It was not just musicians either; there were writers, directors, philosophers, presidents and even religious leaders.

Yes, politics were discussed and the opposition to wars from Vietnam to Iraq was covered. The magazine has stood for gun control and their wish to protect the environment and, yes, even more responsible drug polices.

The Rock and Roll pioneers are interviewed include people such as Tina Turner, Ray Charles and even Johnny Cash... Song writers are covered, movie directors and even writers who wrote about the eras.

The best of the best of 40 years of interviews are included in this book. That's 40 years of music and change and candid remarks from the people that have formed the world of Rock and Roll.

Long live the music!

The Book

Back Bay Books / Hachette Book Group
November 1st, 2007
Trade Paperback
0316-00526-6 / 978-0-316-00526-5
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