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Selling the Invisible:
A Field Guide to Modern Marketing

by Harry Beckwith
Reader: Jeffrey Jones

      This is an abridged version of this book, and I think it is fine in that it hits the highlights of the book, and really gives a concise view of what it is Beckwith is trying to say in his book.

Essentially the message is this: for those who are selling services, consultations, advice, etc. - they are selling the invisible. How do you create a successful marketing plan for something that you can't actually illustrate with a finished product?

The cd is clear, concise and interesting. There is very little repetition of the ideas (though there is some).

Selling a service requires a creative marketing plan. It means "branding" your service in a way that makes it clear 1) what you do, and 2) what the client will get, and 3) why they should use you to get it.

When there is not a finished product, it is important that the client have a clear view of what it is that you offer. If your business is about logistics, have a name that clearly illustrates that, is easily remembered, and then SELL YOUR BRAND.

It sounds deceptively simple, but with excellent examples, Beckwith makes it clear why it is not simple. He offers step by step directions for figuring out what it is your business wants to be known for, and how to sell that to the client.

It's an excellent marketing book, with an exceptionally expedient way for making understood the problems faced in marketing services.

The Book

Hachette Audio
January 2, 2008
Abridged edition 2 CDs./ 3 hrs.
Marketing / Business
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Sarah Bewley
Reviewed 2008
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