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Something In The Darkness
The Unofficial & Unauthorized Guide to Torchwood Series II

by Stephen James Walker

      Torchwood, that bold spinoff series from Dr Who, seems to have found its feet during the second season, and also found a place in viewers’ hearts.  It is very much the adult sibling to Dr Who, and its audacious, varied stories certainly kept me gripped.  Here is a handy guide to this new SF phenomenon for you to read behind the sofa!

Expect another thorough Telos guide to not only every episode, but also a look at the times the series is set (and conceived in) with all that implies.  A fair bit of the book is all about the making of the series, how it was received in other countries (especially the US) and how it differs from the first season, along with the all-important why.

Each of the 13 episodes is described in some detail, which includes what happened behind the scenes, actors’ opinions, the thinking behind the stories as well as an in-depth analysis of each story and the reaction of the press.  All this makes for fascinating reading and just as Torchwood seems to improve with age (all right, find its feet) then this book will too — imagine what interesting reading this will be in ten or twenty years’ time!  Telos has been listening to my complaints about the lack of website information in these guides and has added a highly useful list of them, along with notes describing what to expect.  As always, I enjoy reading these guides immensely as they are so wonderfully exhaustive, answering all my questions and engendering more.  Anybody into Torchwood — and modern social history — ought to get this.

The Book

Telos Publishing Ltd
November 1, 2008
1845830245 / 9781845830243
Non-Fiction / SF / TV tie-in / Cardiff, Wales
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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