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Sunset Big Book of Garden Designs

by Marianne Lipanovich and Tom Wilhite

      If this is the year you plan to do a backyard makeover, here's a book you'll want consult before you tackle the job. The authors present over 100 plans with design solutions for every part of your property from side yards and slopes to pool areas.

Both color sketches and actual photos are utilized to give the reader an idea of what the layout will look like. You'll find a chapter on using various sized pots and containers to add "pop" to your patio, deck or porch and a way to make a narrow side yard attractive with plants that don't need full sun.

Extensive plant lists and diagrams for how to arrange them in your yard make this a foolproof guide for those who may not have cultivated a green thumb yet.

Looking for a garden with a tropical twist or one that has a southwestern feel? There's a whole section on theme gardens that will give you plenty of ideas on how to accomplish such projects.

The Book

Sunset Books
January 2008
Non-fiction / Landscaping / gardening
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2008
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