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Taboo Breakers
18 Independent Films That Courted Controversy and Created a Legend

by Calum Waddell

      This book is about taboo breakers — eighteen films that shocked audiences in some way or another.  Some are very familiar (Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), others no longer seem to exist (Candy Tangerine Man).  But all of them broke through boundaries and allowed other films to be made following their daring lead.

Another slice of highly readable social history from those thorough Telos people!  From 1963 (Blood Feast) to 2006 (Hostel) here are some remarkably in-depth looks at some movie milestones that pushed the cinema envelope.  There is even a color section showing a few stills from some of the films, as well as outlines of the plots, casts, and interviews with various people connected with their making.  It makes for fascinating reading, running through trends such as blaxploitation, on to slasher movies with their endless sequels, showing why the films were thought so daring at the time.  Many remain so, and the reasons why are also detailed along with reasons for the films’ successes or failures.  It all makes for fascinating reading.

The Book

Telos Publishing Ltd
September 2008
184583030X / 9781845830304
Non-Fiction / Movie tie-in
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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