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The Target Book
A History of the Target Doctor Who Books

by David J Howe

      Relive those hide-behind-the-sofa moments of your childhood - if that happened between 1973 and 1994 - with this handsome illustrated guide. If the TV show wasn’t enough thrills, you could escape into one of these paperbacks and read of the Doctor’s further adventures, or rediscover some of the TV stories through novelizations.

Here you can find out the history of Target Books, and read all about the people who wrote and illustrated the books. You can also find out about all the other people involved with the venture, such as editors and those in charge, as well as many connections with the show itself, which make fascinating reading. These books read like a latter-day version of Boy’s (and Girl’s) Own fiction and make me feel as nostalgic as looking at a dozen photograph albums. There are colored pictures on every page of many of these people, together with brief biographies, and of course lots of cover shots of every one of the books themselves. Reading it, I was struck by how much it is also a social history of the period, created by the public’s enduring love of one TV show. Here, too, are nonfiction books where you can knit or make up models of things from the show, learn about dinosaurs in company with the Doctor or program guides. There is even a chart describing all the books, such as when they came out, who wrote them, which Doctor was in them together with which companions and what monsters they encountered. This is a very attractive and well constructed book ,sure to have wide appeal and look good on your coffee table. I think I am off to Ebay to source some of these lost gems...

The Book

Telos Publishing Ltd
November 2007
Non-Fiction / SF / TV Tie-In
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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