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Ten Vital Lessons For Good Business

by Harvey B. Cabrera

      Reason and the business world at times seem miles apart. Harvey Cabrera analyzes key areas within the business world and explains them to us in an entertaining yet informative style. Ten Vital Lessons For Good Business is presented in a straightforward and instructive way. An informative book for any and all involved in the business world.

Ten Vital Lessons For Good Business helps us to navigate through the world of business and sheds light on how CEOs (and others running businesses) operate—this being the greatest mystery of the business world. By understanding these ten vital lessons we will be able to improve our working relationships with everyone we work with, whether our boss, customer, employee, or yes, even ourselves.

A few of the ten vital lessons Harvey Cabrera addresses include; the only world you can change is your own, attitude is everything, and political incorrectness (and the high price tag of PI in business).

The Book

November 21, 2007
Trade Paperback
Non-fiction / Business
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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