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Third Dimension
The Unofficial & Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who 2007

by Stephen James Walker

      Nobody was quite prepared for the phenomenon of Dr Who. Not the first time around, and especially not after sixteen years of silence following its axing. Now we have had three series, and three Christmas specials; the latter have perhaps gone further to replace Morecambe and Wise than anything else. Big stuff, then. So here is another book looking back at the third series, and (at the time of writing and this review) the forthcoming Christmas special.

So it is time to get back behind the sofa, and donít forget to take this book with you! Here is another in-depth Telos guide, not only covering every episode, but also the thought behind them and a quick look back at what came before. Telos has made quite a name for itself with these guides to cult TV shows and as with the others this one is comprehensive. Each episode is described in some detail and much is made of what went on behind the scenes and some of the thinking behind the stories, production notes, and continuity points as well as an in-depth analysis of each story. There are six appendices too, detailing ratings and rankings, comic strips and novels, as well as various other interesting addenda. Maybe all that is missing is a list of recommended websites for fans, which would have been useful and fitting for a SF series. A big glossy coffee table book with loads of pictures would have been nice, but there are eight pages of them included, while for an unofficial guide, there is a lot in here to keep a fan happy for some time. Reading it I thought how much the story of Dr Who gives an insight into the changing times, so hang onto your copy for an invaluable slice of social history. Highly recommended for all Dr Who fans out there.

The Book

Telos Publishing Ltd
November 2007
Non-Fiction / SF/ TV tie-in [Earth & Various Planets Featured in the Series]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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